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Connect with like-minded professional advisors dedicated to serving private companies in the heart of the middle market.

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Increase your profile in the local business community.

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Show your private company clients you’re committed to providing the highest level of service and success.


Build your experience and skills as a leader with XPX.

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Some important things to note about Starting a Chapter


Do More With XPX

New Chapters benefit from lessons learned in the launch of XPX Chapters over the past 10+ years. We have a clear process – and proven resources – to support local groups looking to start a new Chapter.

Find The Right Team

If you’re considering starting an XPX Chapter in your area (i.e., becoming a founding member) consider compiling a list of key contacts who may be interested in assisting you in this endeavor.

Learn From Experience

XPX works with Chapter Founders using a proven Chapter Launch Formula that taps the power of the local community of trusted advisors in cities around the country: 1 person convenes a meeting of 5 and they convene a meeting of 15 to plan a launch. This group gathers 50 participants over the course of their first year. No one person carries too big a burden and everyone benefits from the power of their expanded networks.

Make the most of the Tools from XPX

XPX Business Tools That Help You Build & Grow

Resources We Provide to Chapter Founders

Learn More About our Exit Planning Association

XPX has over a decade of experience and a deep knowledge base to support you. Here’s a list of the many resources you can draw on in your journey:

*Access to these leader-only resources is provided to Chapter Founders who have completed an application process. To view them, please sign into the website using the email and password you created when you completed your membership application.

Startup Kit

A 20-page document in hard copy or in the Startup Kit* section on our website that introduces XPX and the startup process.

Start a Chapter

A public section on our website with numerous background videos

Leadership Collaborative

The resource pages that support all XPX Leaders including financial, membership, sponsorship, events and presidents.*

Chapter Manual

Found in the Leadership Collaborative, this manual includes checklists for all major functions of an XPX Chapter.*

XPX Website

You can use the top-level navigation of our site to give a good tour of the organization including (from left to right): Advisor Directory, Owners Academy, Chapters, About (including Principles, F.A.Q.s, National Calendar, and Help (with lots of Member Tips).

Personal Coaching

All Chapters in development are required to take advantage of regular coaching by our Executive Director to help you fill in the blanks as you get to know XPX and to benefit from the many lessons learned in prior startups.

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If you would like to learn more, please contact Mary Adams for information and/or view past and future seminars on how to start a chapter.