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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.

Looking for an expert advisor for businesses or their owners you’d be proud to refer? The XPX directories are our way of making it easy for business owners, professional advisors, and sponsors to find each other. Use the keyword search below or sort through the full database of our members to find the exact set of skills and experience you are looking for. If you are looking for someone in a specific geography, please also consider checking our Chapter directories.

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    Momentum Law Group

    You need an advisor who listens first then implements.

    Private Wealth Advisor
    William Blair

    You are working with a business owner and you need some financial modeling done to demonstrate the impacts or tradeoffs of various decisions or scenarios the owner is contemplating.

    Merger and Acquisitions Advisor
    Touchstone Advisors, LLC

    You are thinking about, thinking about selling your company. There are steps that you can be taking to prepare your business to sell that can maximize the amount it's valued at.

    Financial Advisor, Associate Vice President
    Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

    You have a client that requires detailed financial planning and a the need for a highly customized investment strategy.

    AILA Limited

    You require assistance At the Intersection of Law and Accounting; I can help with assessing transactions from valuing business interests to investigating financial representations in due diligence.

    Atchley & Associates, LLP

    You have questions about Federal or state tax planning or compliance, business valuations, entity structuring or mergers and acquisitions.

    Vice President
    North Coast Capital Advisors, Ltd.

    We guide sellers and buyers through every facet of the transaction; from planning and enhancing operations pre-sale through the confidential marketing, negotiations and due diligence.

    Lerch, Early & Brewer, Chtd.

    You want to buy or sell a business, are interested in succession planning, or if you are involved in a shareholder/member dispute.

    Managing Director
    Chesapeake Corporate Advisors

    Valuation, Exit/ Succession Planning, M&A Advisory, Sell-side representation, capital strategy, capital raise, management buyout

    CFO Consulting Partners

    You require C suite, executive level end to end financial support services to professionalize your organization, build a strategy, improve cash flow and create value for your company.

    Managing Director
    Harbinger Partners, LLC

    You or your client wants to sell your business, buy a business, understand value, and or raise capital.

    Senior Vice President

    You or your client needs a seasoned senior lender and financial services partner with a track record in solving financing problems from the cash conversion cycle to long term capital financing

    CFO Consulting Partners

    You are face complex financial management issues. My firm can provide the expertise of experienced professionals combined with the flexibility and pricing of a boutique firm.

    Wealth Management Advisor

    Merrill or Bank of America may be of value or service.


    Call me when a client needs GAAP Financials.

    Vice President of Business Development
    JDSM Enterprises, Inc.

    We help owners and leadership teams get more from their business through a simple business management system called the Entrepreneurial Operating System

    Managing Member
    Kassouf Law

    You need an attorney who speaks business.

    Managing Director
    LockeBridge Capital Partners

    You need corporate finance or merger/acquisition services

    Robinson & Cole LLP

    You or your client are considering selling your business or need general legal advice.

    Managing Director
    Edelman & Associates

    You want to avoid having a deal blow up because the owner's mixed feelings surfaced in the form of seemingly irrational objections, concerns, or requests at the closing.

    Senior Vice President
    Griffin Stevens & Lee Tax Consulting Network

    Griffin/Stevens & Lee Tax and Consulting Network is a group of 25 tax, accounting, consulting and technology professional services firms, primarily operated by former Big Four professionals.

    Senior Vice President, Wealth Strategist Sr.
    PNC Wealth Management

    I build upon my experience as an attorney and wealth planning strategist to help business owners transition to the next phase of their life

    Sidehill Group

    Your client or acquisition needs to increase value through more consistent top-line performance and/or accelerated strategy execution.

    JLS Financial Group

    Succession Planning options, buy/sell strategies, Retention of Key Employees, Guaranteed Income

    Vice President
    Computer Services Unlimited, Inc. (CSU)

    You need a network or cyber security assessment and support to make sure your IT infrastructure aligns with your business needs.

    Founding Partner
    ROCG Consulting

    When you need a catalyst in guiding business owners to discover their personal values, goals and objectives, to ensure their end-in-mind objectives are met upon their business exit and/or transition

    Founder & Wealth Manager
    Steward Advisors, LLC

    A client is struggling to understand how to convert the value of their business into an income stream in retirement.