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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.

Looking for an expert advisor for businesses or their owners you’d be proud to refer? The XPX directories are our way of making it easy for business owners, professional advisors, and sponsors to find each other. Use the keyword search below or sort through the full database of our members to find the exact set of skills and experience you are looking for. If you are looking for someone in a specific geography, please also consider checking our Chapter directories.

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    Financial Advisor
    Merrill Lynch

    Financial planning, goals-based wealth management (retirement, reducing taxable income, children's education, charitable giving, estate planning, etc.) Lending needs (home, business, other)

    Client Strategist - Business Advisory
    BNY Mellon Wealth Management


    Vice President
    Dunn Rush & Co. LLC

    Sell-Side M&A Advisor focuses exclusively on achieving maximum valuations for private and family-owned companies in a sale or recapitalization of the businesses valued between $20 - $200 million.

    Business Consultant
    University of Georgia SBDC

    Business is getting ready for sale or sucession planning.

    Senior Manager
    Marcum LLP

    You have any valuation related needs. I have significant experience in business valuation, intangible asset valuation, complex securities valuation, etc.

    Edward Jones

    You desire a partner that truly understands what’s most important to you and employs an established process to build personalized strategies to assist you in reaching your goals with greater confidence and peace of mind.

    Krietzberg Wealth Management

    As a corporate financial planner, my firm helps to prepare business owners with a written financial plan that focuses on different types of selling options in advance of a sale

    Lead Advisor & Director of Investment Strategy
    Moore Wealth Inc.

    A client needs help structuring their business and personal finances to keep the most money in their pocket.

    M&T Bank

    A problem needs to be solved

    The KFORD Group

    You need a business valuation or forensic accounting to assist you in making critical financial decisions.

    Founders Legal | Bekiares Eliezer LLP

    You need a driven, experienced, and business-focused corporate attorney to help structure efficient transactions, close deals, and provide legal guidance to technology, software, and IT companies.

    Private Risk Management

    You have a need for understanding of the exposures facing the non-financial assets of the financially successful individuals and families.

    Managing Director and Principal
    Valbridge Property Advisors - Chicago Metro

    There is a need for a credible commercial real property appraisal or valuation service. We provide an array of commercial property valuation services.


    You have a client that is three to five years out from a sale and looking to maximize the value of their business.

    Business Advisor
    100Waters Group LLC

    When you have a business owner with an eye on a 5-10 year exit. I help with strategic planning, accountability and building up fundamental skills within a company.

    Managing Member
    Tributum CPA Group,LLC

    A client a starting a business, starting to think about selling or growing their business, or any tax related or financial decisions need to be considered.

    Tax Partner

    You have a business need with a tax angle, but you don't want the tax tail to wag the dog.

    Senior Vice President - Wealth Management, Wealth Advisor, Portfolio Manager
    UBS Financial Services Inc.

    You want to explore getting the most benefit from your business, as well as how to preserve, protect ‎and maximize the value it represents in your and your family's financial future.‎

    Managing Director
    Mohamed-Merola Wealth Management

    A successful entrepreneur or business owner is thinking about a transition or sale and needs to know the implications and best strategy from the personal and family perspective.

    Business Improvement Group, LLC

    Contact us before you sell your business to improve operations and EBITDA quickly without capital expenditures.

    Rosenberg Rich Baker Berman & Company

    When you think you have out grown your accountant or feel like a nobody with your current accountant. Our firm size enables us to provide expert services while providing personal service.

    Business Broker
    Murphy Business & Financial Corporation

    Call me when you begin thinking about selling your business.

    Managing Principal
    Centerpoint Advisors
    Senior Financial Advisor
    Merrill Lynch

    You are building an advisory team and I can assist in the wealth management side of retirement, multi-generational or other complex planning within that advisory team.

    Plunkett Law Group

    Buying or selling a business where sophisticated, experienced legal counsel is needed, but where, for whatever reason, representation by a large law firm doesn't fit.

    Benjamin Ross Group

    You are, or know someone who is considering the sale of their business and need a trusted and confidential intermediary to guide them and manage the entire business sale process

    Osage Advisors, LLC

    You are looking to sell your company. We work with closely-held and family owned businesses with $3.0 to $100 million in revenue.

    Heide & Company, LLC

    A multi-generational family business needs to improve its value in preparation for an exit

    Director of Business Development
    Cortes & Hay

    I support all industries involved with Commercial Real Estate Transactions through title insurance, 1031 Exchanges, searches, closing services.

    Director of Business Valuations

    There is a business valuation need, for succession planning, ESOPs, 409A, or litigation support.

    Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC

    Please call me when you are considering structuring a transaction and for strategic tax planning for individuals.


    Call me when a client needs GAAP Financials.

    Financial Advisor
    UBS Financial Services Inc.

    You feel you have, or will have, complex financial needs but don't have a coordinated comprehensive approach to addressing those needs.

    The Chatel Consulting Group

    Business Value needs to increase. Leadership needs development. Strategic planning needs revisiting. Teamwork needs improvement. Executional excellence is desired. Priorities need clarification. Culture needs to change

    Founder & CEO
    Next Stage Solutions, Inc

    • You're tired of missing expectations
    • Your operating performance is negatively affecting your ability to grow
    • You want to implement growth strategies but lack scalable business processes


    ...when you have a client who needs a brand marketing strategy at any stage of business. Specialize in providing a fast, cost effective way to refresh their brand image and message.


    Client needs valuation or transaction advisory assistance.

    Business Owner
    TAB Boston Northwest

    A business owner is interested in joining a peer advisory group and/or business owner coaching.

    Vice President
    TD Private Client Group

    A client is thinking about selling or in the final stages of the sale to help with the transition.

    Davis Agnor Rapaport & Skalny

    "If you are starting a business, own a business, or are looking to sell a business; I enjoy working with clients in all phases of their business life, from start-up through acquisition."

    Managing Director
    Supporting Strategies | Northwest New Jersey

    You are frustrated with the volume of non-revenue generating activities you perform or are concerned that you are not receiving the financial information you need to move your business forward.

    Broadway Bank

    Please call me before your exit is forced upon you without a plan, by circumstances out of your control.

    Anchin Block & Anchin LLP

    You have the need for tax planning and consulting for your business or family.

    Management Consultant
    Wildly Successful Consulting Group

    You want to grow your business, but you don't know how.-You want to expand your practice area-You want to make more money-You want to hire new people-You want to open a new location

    Managing Director
    CFO Consulting Partners

    Fractional/interim CFO Services; you're in the hiring process, or you don't have a CFO and need someone to assist you in planning, cash flow, finance/accounting.

    Tarlow Breed Hart & Rodgers, PC
    Area President - Charlotte Metro
    FocusCFO - Carolinas

    A small or mid-sized business would benefit from the strategic guidance of an experienced CFO, but not full time. We focus on improvements to operations and financial performance, working with your accountant.

    Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellott, LLC

    You need the services of an experienced business and corporate lawyer.

    Automated Solutions Consulting Group

    Call me when a client needs to validate the value and assess potential cyber vulnerabilities of the digital infrastructure in a business planning or by/sell proposition.