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Private company clients need access to a trusted team of advisors to marshal them to through the various stages of the business lifecycle. The XPX member directory is where you can find a diverse group of experts – and they can find you.

Looking for an expert advisor for businesses or their owners you’d be proud to refer? The XPX directories are our way of making it easy for business owners, professional advisors, and sponsors to find each other. Use the keyword search below or sort through the full database of our members to find the exact set of skills and experience you are looking for. If you are looking for someone in a specific geography, please also consider checking our Chapter directories.

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    Coos Bay Partners

    You need help to understand your cash flow, establish and measure key indicators of performance or stage your operation for the rigor of a due diligence review or to perform a due diligence review.

    skmb,p.a.(Cpa's & Business Valuators)

    You need a business valuation, litigation support, tax planning or preparation, an audit review or compilation, management consulting

    B2B CFO

    A privately held company needs help with traditional CFO financial planning and analysis, controls, strategic planning and transition planning.

    Carr, Riggs & Ingram

    You would like an objective view on an exit you might be considering from a seasoned accounting and consulting professional.

    Chief Operating Officer
    Employee Benefit Research Institute

    You are looking for financing

    Partner - Valuation and Transaction Advisory
    Aprio, LLP

    Aprio is a full-service CPA-led advisory firm. We work with our clients on valuation, tax, and accounting matters throughout their exit planning process to ensure a successful business transition.

    Branch Manager and Portfolo Manager
    Calton & Associates, Inc.

    Personalized Family and Business Planning is a priority

    Scherer Partners LLC

    You have any questions about how to buy or sell a business, or how to get a business ready to sell.

    Founding Partner
    Centurion Wealth Management LLC

    You want financial peace of mind and a clear and realistic vision of your financial future.

    CEO Attorney Mediator
    Baltimore Mediation
    Senior Wealth Director
    BNY Mellon Wealth Management

    A family, client,or contact is looking to sell a business and needs the expertise of tax minimization, planning, escrow, or investment wealth strategies.

    AVP, Relationship Manager
    Busey Bank

    Call me for all of your Banking needs whether it be lending, depository, cash management, or wealth management.

    P&P Business Solutions

    At least 3 yrs prior to the business owner considering the sell of their business.

    General Manager
    Supporting Strategies|Chicago Far West Suburbs

    A Financial Accounting (Bookkeeping thru Controller) needs to be improved.

    Centurion Wealth

    You are looking for an independent financial planning & investment management firm who works in partnership with a select group of current and former business owners and executives.

    Presbury & Associates

    You need to assess and address the key talent and retention risks in a company.

    Focused Growth Sales Group, LLC

    You are aware of a small to mid-sized business that wants to launch, expand or improve their sales operations to drive revenue growth.

    WMBO CPA Group

    You are looking for a CPA who will be a part of your team helping you plan ahead, manage your finances and plan for taxes.

    Sandler Training/Strategic Solutions Group

    Strategic Solutions Group is a multi-faceted workforce development company and an authorized Sandler Training center.

    Managing Partner
    Venture Growth Partners

    Clients are in need of a part-time CFO or COO and an advisor for M&A and capital raise transactions

    The Value Track

    You want to build value and sell your business. We help you understand current value, assist in building value & then take your company to market to sell.

    Managing Director- Complex Manager
    Raymond James & Associates

    You're seeking a nimble firm for either M&A advisory on the transaction side, or wealth planning for owners on the pre-planning or divestiture side.

    City National Bank

    Business is looking for funding to acquire another business, finance growth, buy real estate, equipment financing, refinance to improve cash flow and looking for advice on succession planning.

    Wealth Advisor

    We often work with really successful family-owned businesses who want a team with enough firepower to proactively handle their personal wealth planning.

    Executive in Residence
    Main Street Capital Corporation

    You need "one-stop" debt and equity (minority or majority) solutions to lower middle market companies (generally companies with EBITDA between $3 and $20 million)

    GoldCoast Mortgage Services

    There is any question regarding real estate or financing.

    Vice President
    North Coast Capital Advisors, Ltd.

    We guide sellers and buyers through every facet of the transaction; from planning and enhancing operations pre-sale through the confidential marketing, negotiations and due diligence.

    Managing Director
    Caber Hill Advisors

    Caber Hill Advisors is committed to working with business owners and CEO’s so they cansuccessfully fulfill their personal and professional legacies.

    Partner and Portfolio Manager
    Brown Advisory

    A family or executive is about to enter a period of transition whether that is starting or selling a business or considering any major life/professional changes

    Wealth Manager
    XML Financial Group

    One is looking for a partner to help engage, educate and empower them toward the utilization of a wide range of investment tools in order to achieve their most important life's objectives.

    Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP


    AlanBoothCoach, LLC

    Staff is not meeting your expectationsLiving in chaos with your business or firmNeed confidential guidance to resolve a problem

    Managing Director
    Marcum LLP

    You need to understand the value of your business and options to create liquidity

    Ostrow Reisin Berk & Abrams, Ltd.

    You need someone on your team that can get into the details and also provide high level advise and counsel. Someone that will do what it takes to help the client be successful.

    Executive Director
    J.P. Morgan


    Tax Partner

    You have a business need with a tax angle, but you don't want the tax tail to wag the dog.

    S&V Financial Consulting Group

    Historical and future financial reports need to be restructured, corrected, and customized. Streamline accounting procedures. Quarterly accountability to stay on track for projected growth

    DeChello Law Firm

    You have a client in need of legal services or a question involving a legal or business issue.

    Phinney Caldwell Growth, LLC

    Phinney Caldwell Growth significantly improves performance in middle market companies. Our firm works closely with owner operators and families to help them design and execute plans that work

    Mediator and Coach
    Cooperative Coaching & Mediation

    Call me when conflict between business owners and their internal or external partners impedes company profitability or cultural cohesion.

    VP, Senior Relationship Strategist
    PNC Wealth Management

    To assist you and your family in pursuing the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the important aspects of your financial life are thoughtfully orchestrated.

    Managing Director
    CFO Consulting Partners

    Fractional/interim CFO Services; you're in the hiring process, or you don't have a CFO and need someone to assist you in planning, cash flow, finance/accounting.

    Managing Director
    CSG Partners

    Your client is thinking about: (i) selling a business; (ii) buying a business; or (iii) establishing a new retirement benefit plan. An ESOP solution could have significant advantages

    Capital Group

    - business owner considering selling in 1-2 years and wants to be tax efficient (trust & estate)

    CFO Consulting Partners LLC

    We provide senior level financial management services to Boards of Directors and CEOs.We work with CFOs and Controllers to accomplish complex accounting and financial projects

    Financial Advisor
    New York Life

    Your clients need a resource who can craft efficient and effective financial solutions regarding succession planning, executive benefits, employee benefits, and retirement planning.

    Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

    You have a client who is in need of sophisticated corporate legal advice and representation for a VC financing, Private Equity recap, and/or M&A event.

    Senior Vice President
    Merril Lynch

    Our team has the resources and experience to assist our clients answer the all important question, do I have enough money for retirement?