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Members of the Exit Planning Exchange – XPX Atlanta Chapter are a select group of expert advisors to privately-held businesses. These diverse experts are chosen by their peers for their expertise and shared values that include: Work collaboratively, Put the client first, Think long term, Consider the human angle and Always be learning.

It’s easy to find an expert by using the search box or these handy directories to choose from 12 professions, 75+ areas of functional expertise and 20 client industry categories. Feel free to reach out to the advisors with the expertise you seek. Contact us for further assistance.

Member Directory

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    The Renn Wealth Management Group

    You need to decide if you will have enough, will it remain enough, and who should eventually get it.

    Managing Director
    Neri Capital Partners

    Neri Capital Partners are experts in assisting lower-middle market Business Owners to Determine, Build and Realize the value of their companies.

    Cohen Pollock Merlin Turner P.C.

    Your business owner client needs legal help - whether it's planning what will happen to their business if something happens to them, or just wants to build a more valuable, transferable business.

    Brand Consultant, Builder, Storyteller
    Whole Brain Brands

    You need a new story that gets your customer and the world to know just how awesome, different and valuable your business or organization really is.

    Adams Capital

    There is an issue related to business valuation, or an opinion of business value is needed to support tax reporting, financial reporting, a transaction, or a dispute.

    Founding Partner
    De la Cruz Law, LLC

    You have a client who is interested in holistic estate and business planning for their family and small business.

    Chief Executive Angel
    Office Angels

    Office Angels serves as a professional matchmaker, linking small businesses in need of support with smart, reliable, credentialed and experienced professionals who work as needed.

    Financial Advisor, Associate Vice President
    Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC

    You have a client that requires detailed financial planning and a the need for a highly customized investment strategy.

    Trusted Advisor - Mergers and Acquisitions
    Neri Capital Partners

    As a CPA and business owner for over three decades, I bring a unique combination of business insights and real-world experiences to help guide you through the different M&A processes.

    The Mauldin Group

    You need web design and digital marketing for lead generation and branding!

    WMBO CPA Group

    You are looking for a CPA who will be a part of your team helping you plan ahead, manage your finances and plan for taxes.

    M&A Advisor
    Transworld Business Advisors

    You're ready to sell or buy a business.


    Wise and experienced counsel is needed, particularly in respect to ongoing business operations, or future acquisitions or sales.

    Neri Capital Partners

    Call me when you want to transition your business interest to an outside buyer, or when you want to understand the value of your company.

    Attorney at Law
    Taylor English Duma

    You want a seasoned attorney to assist with any franchise related business, be it a franchisor or franchisee. I love helping start-ups!

    Ryco Advisors, LLC

    A business owner is starting to think about exiting and needs someone to run a structured process to value, market, and successfully exit his business

    Founder & President
    Integgra Valuation & Advisory Services

    You need business valuation consulting services. Our mission is to provide clients with high quality, cost-efficient valuation and advisory services in a timely manner with the utmost integrity.

    Cerner Capital

    You have a complex financial life or have a complex tax transaction to prepare for.

    Vice President - Wealth Management
    Morgan Stanley

    Helping families align business interests with personal goals and/or succession planning. We prioritize service and provide a solutions based approach.


    Families with $2-10 million of investable assets that have a need for financial planning and/or financial advocacy.

    The Value Track

    You want to build value and sell your business. We help you understand current value, assist in building value & then take your company to market to sell.

    Senior Vice President

    You or your client needs a seasoned senior lender and financial services partner with a track record in solving financing problems from the cash conversion cycle to long term capital financing

    CEO / Managing Principal
    Coker James CPAs & Business Advisors

    You, as a business owner, executive, or professional, are interested in improving business performance or securing your financial future.

    Sr. Partner, Broker
    DTSPADE Specialized Real Estate

    I support and advise clients on real estate decisions utilizing a 5 step data driven and financial model valuation platform for expanding your business or disposing of assets.

    Atlanta Financial Associates, LLC

    If you want to build and protect your wealth, mitigate your taxes, and understand how your business and its value can help you accomplish the goals that you have for yourself and your family

    Owner, Chief Engagement Officer
    FIREPOWER Business Catalyst, LLC.

    To assist owners and key decision makers in defining and engaging talent as part of business growth and transition planning. Convert team strengths into business performance.

    Newport LLC

    Creative dealmaker with real-world experience as entrepreneur and attorney focused on maximizing value, reducing risk and preparing companies to be “transaction ready” for achieving successful exits

    Walden Businesses, Inc.

    You have a client considering the sale of their privately held manufacturing, distribution or business-to-business service company.

    Vice President
    SunTrust, Private Wealth

    Call me when you would like to have a financial plan to show your client how they will have enough financial resources to meet their goals (i.e. family legacy, charitable/ philanthropic and personal).

    Founder and CEO
    Sofer Advisors, LLC

    A neutral third-party assessment of business value is needed to assist in large figure decisions.

    Czajkowski Dumpel & Associates, Inc.

    You are ready to address how an employee benefits package customized to your corporate culture can build additional value when you are ready to transfer your business.

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