If you are an advisor to owners and managers of companies in the lower middle market, XPX can be a powerful learning network for you! Our members represent twelve different professions but share core principles of collaboration, putting the client first, thinking long term, considering the human angle and continuous learning. Learn more about our membership benefits and options.

About Our Members

Members of the Exit Planning Exchange – XPX Charlotte Chapter are a select group of expert advisors to privately-held businesses. These diverse experts are chosen by their peers for their expertise and shared values that include: Work collaboratively, Put the client first, Think long term, Consider the human angle and Always be learning.

Member Directory

    • Profession
    • Functional Expertise
    • Client Industries
    Charitable Planning Consultant
    Fidelity Charitable

    You have a client with questions about incorporating charitable planning into their exit strategy or overall financial plan

    Owner and Managing Partner
    Shann M. Chaudhry ESQ Attorney At Law PLLC

    You are looking to plan for the future and protect your assets.

    Managing Partner
    Venture Growth Partners

    Clients are in need of a part-time CFO or COO and an advisor for M&A and capital raise transactions

    Wealth Advisor
    McLean Wealth Partners

    Your Client is looking for clarity and confidence on their financial decisions and for a smooth transition and to maximize the personal fulfillment as they embark on the next stage in their life.

    Gardner Law

    Client is ready to document their transaction.

    Greiner Maltz Co of Long Island

    A company needs an industrial/commercial property valuation, for a business transaction, estate planing, refinancing,disposition of asset, for corporate files.

    EGT Advisors

    You have a client that has been approached by a buyer or who wants a deeper dive into the exit options. My CFO background also serves clients interested in growing and building business value.


    Client needs valuation or transaction advisory assistance.

    Legacy CPA Services

    Bookkeeping, technical accounting, outsourced controller, compilation, reviews and advisory services to accounting firms.

    The Renn Wealth Management Group

    You need to decide if you will have enough, will it remain enough, and who should eventually get it.

    Financial Advisor, Portfolio Advisor
    Merrill Lynch

    Our team establishes customized financial strategies aligned to our clients defined goals, and navigating life/business changes to build and protect our clients legacy with intention and purpose.

    Wealth Manager
    BNY Mellon

    Your clients are heading towards a liquidity event. I can help transition towards that liquidity event by providing fiduciary expertise, investment advice and BNY Mellon's resources

    Managing Director
    Neri Capital Partners

    Neri Capital Partners are experts in assisting lower-middle market Business Owners to Determine, Build and Realize the value of their companies.

    Matlin Financial Services

    You need a financial projection of your retirement income to help make your money last as long as you do; or, you want a better 401(k) or retirement plan for your company.

    Principal Consultant
    Expense Reduction Analysts, Inc.

    You'd like to compare your costs to industry benchmarks. If we find you're paying more than you need to, we'll negotiate savings.

    Assurance Director

    Your client needs to better understand their financial results and processes.

    Managing Director

    When planning for liquidity and/or transition events. What will a sale or a transition mean for you, your family and your employees? Have you really planned this out?

    Branch Manager and Portfolo Manager
    Calton & Associates, Inc.

    Personalized Family and Business Planning is a priority

    DM Buck Advisory/NAVIX

    When business owners need assistance in navigating the complexities of exiting planning and/or business valuation.

    Ross Law Firm, LLC

    You need advice or representation re: shareholder/member disputes, business-to-business transactions and disputes, franchise law issues, or employment law issues.

    Director of Strategy & Transactions Advisory
    Grant Thornton, LLP

    You are buying or selling a business and require a Quality of Earnings analysis.

    Risk Management Consultant
    Assurance Agency

    You have any property, casualty, or employee benefits insurance needs. I provide an in-depth analysis to determine a risk management and insurance program to help gain control over insurance costs.

    Sales Advisor LLC

    Sales management expertise is needed to revamp and revitalize a client's sales revenue operations. A Sales Audit needs to be conducted to spotlight gaps and/or faulty sales processes and practices.

    Vice President/Sr. Relationship Manager
    Key Bank

    You have a financing need whether for business acquisition or for business expansion, equipment purchases, or working capital needs, or you need a new Relationship Managed account with a bank.

    Citrin Cooperman

    Clients entrust me with a great responsibility: to guide them and help grow and preserve their assets. I work tirelessly each day to preserve their assets for their lifetime and for future generations

    G2G Strategies

    You or your company needs to explore options on selling or prior to retirement planning. Goldberg Heinze specializes in manufacturing companies, metalworking, companies up to $25M in revenue.

    Managing Director
    Monroe Credit Advisors

    A client is look to raise debt, either through our direct lending platform at Monroe Capital or wants to retain an advisor to raise the debt through Monroe Credit Advisors

    S&V Financial Consulting Group

    Historical and future financial reports need to be restructured, corrected, and customized. Streamline accounting procedures. Quarterly accountability to stay on track for projected growth

    General Manager
    Supporting Strategies|Chicago Far West Suburbs

    A Financial Accounting (Bookkeeping thru Controller) needs to be improved.

    Director of Business Development and Head of the Friends of the Firm Program

    You are looking for a new CFO or Controller via Friends of the Firm or looking for new tax professional or auditor

    Managing Director
    Midcap. Advisors

    When you're looking to sell your business, make an acquisition or raise growth capital

    Transcendent Sales Soultions, LLC

    If you are owner, President or CEO of a business that has reached the point where it has become difficult to grow your sales results without experienced sales leadership and oversight on your team.


    When in need of financial, accounting or tax advisory services relating to either ongoing operations or succession planning.

    Davis, Agnor Rapaport & Skalny, LLC

    Clients need experienced counsel with business succession planning and mergers and acquisitions.

    Senior Vice President, Private Client Advisor
    Bank of America Private Bank

    You need advice on how to manage the risks, taxes and complexities that accompany significant financial and business success

    Senior Client Strategist
    BNY Mellon Wealth Management

    Your client would benefit from an overall review of their balance sheet,investment and retirement accounts.You want a proven partner successful in serving highly-satisfied clients and their advisors

    Account Vice President-Wealth Advisor
    Uehling Wealth Management of UBS Financial Services, Inc.

    A business owner needs help with succession planning, retirement readiness, retirement plan services, and personal financial planning

    Vice President

    Your client is looking to put more in their pocket and less in the IRS'. Our firm focuses on helping clients climb the mountain of tax efficiency on their assets during pre and post retirement.

    Financial Advisor, CFP®
    Financial Advantage Associates

    Someone needs help making sense of their financial situation and wants to leverage their opportunities for their future

    Senior Client Strategist
    BNY Mellon Wealth Management

    Pre-sale planning for Business Owners needing help structuring their wealth to minimize taxes before a transaction occurs and develop a plan to fund their lifestyle.

    SVP, Relationship Manager
    Bank of America

    A business client desires financing or cash management, or other banking products and services, to help it grow, mitigate risk, operate more efficiently, or transition the business.

    Managing Principal
    Centerpoint Advisors
    Capital Concepts USA LLC

    A client wants to see how finance can be used strategically to achieve explosive growth in their business.

    NorthBridge Business Advisors

    An owner is considering the sale of the business and is willing to undertake an exit planning engagement prior to going to market.

    Founder, Chief of Brand Strategy and Creative
    Greenwich Communications

    Your client's website, industry visibility or digital program is NOT bringing in new business. Marketing is a vital part of their business' value.

    Transition Mentor
    BTA, Inc.

    You are starting to think about your eventual transition from your business, but don't really have an understanding of the whole transition process and what your actual exit options are.

    Managing Director, Family Wealth & Business Transition Planning
    The Colony Group

    You (or someone you know) are in need of assistance in planning for, and executing on your/their own personal & family exit from the ownership of a closely-held-business

    Vice President, Business Development
    Atlantic Data Forensics

    There is an issue regarding the integrity of data, theft of intellectual property, when civil or criminal litigation is a possibility, and M&A requires IT security due diligence.

    Managing Principal
    RolfeAdvisory, LLC

    You have leadership challenges at the top of your organization that must be addressed.

    Bee Bergvall Co

    You need tax advice to assist in structuring a transaction

    M&T Bank

    A problem needs to be solved

    Director Strategic Development

    You or one of your clients is having issues and challenges in their accounting department. See the sypmtoms on my profile.


    You come into contact with a business owner that needs assistance planning for the single most critically important emotional and financial event of their lives; the transition out of their business.

    Financial Advisor
    RBC Wealth Management

    You or your client would like advice on how to efficiently grow and diversify existing wealth, or to convert recently generated liquid assets into reliable current and future income streams.

    Ratner Consulting

    Operating your organization is no longer fun and you are plagued by low morale, flattened bottom line, and incresing stress.


    You have a Construction company with an XPX need

    You have any need or would like any part of your financial situation reviewed, including but not limited to all bank accounts both deposit and lending for personal or business.

    Cortland Valuation

    You need valuation of a business or business interest for tax compliance, management planning, financial reporting or litigation support.

    Trusted Advisor - Mergers and Acquisitions
    Neri Capital Partners

    As a CPA and business owner for over three decades, I bring a unique combination of business insights and real-world experiences to help guide you through the different M&A processes.

    Investment Counselor
    Capital Group

    I work with clients and their trusted advisers to go through an integrated planning process which will help inform an appropriate investment strategy to accomplish stated goals and objectives.

    Chief Operating Officer
    Employee Benefit Research Institute

    You are looking for financing

    Capital Services, Inc.

    At Capital Services, we provide our clients with unparalleled HR Consulting expertise with the goal of creating a "best-in-class" HR infrastructure to allow you to accomplish your goals and objectives

    CETA Benefit Consulting Group, LLC

    There's a question or concern involving human resources or benefits, especially when considering a merger, acquisition, or sale of a business

    Vice President
    Sandler Training Sales Matters, Inc

    A leader has concerns with their sales org, or frustrations with having a predictable pipeline, or are challenged with process and rely too much on leadership/owners to get things done.

    First Vice President
    Valley National Bank

    You want a better banking relationship,one that is responsive and customer focused. I work with companies to lower expenses, increase efficiencies and identify opportunities for growth.

    A business owner or executive is in need of a strategic partner who can assist in the need for financing, deposit services or planning for themselves or for their company.

    Citrin Cooperman

    You have a client with an Estate or Trusts with tax compliance needs, or a Fiduciary or Beneficiary with questions about the management of the Estate or Trust.

    Potomac Business Group
    Client Strategist
    BNY Mellon Wealth Management

    Your client is preparing for an exit or would like to start the financial planning process or get a second opinion on their current planning.

    Managing Director
    CIBC Private Wealth Management

    You have a need for holistic wealth planning and investment management before and after an exit.

    Financial advisor
    4Thought Financial Group, Inc

    A client needs a comprehensive financial plan

    PNC Bank

    Your client wants to enhance its closely held company's value in a ramp up to an exit or if an exit is on the horizon.

    Partner, Business Tax Services

    You need assistance with domestic and international tax planning needs in connection with your business operations or a potential exit transaction.

    San Antonio Business Journal
    Brokke Group

    You want to Save Money Through Tax Strategies for Business and Property Owners and You want to Grow your Business through Proven Coaching Programs.

    Moritt Hock & Hamroff LLP


    Astoria Strategic Wealth

    You are working with business owners as they begin to think about how the growth of their business will impact their family's financial plan

    Coach / Chair

    An organization will benefit from C-level coaching / advisory around culture, leadership, team development, organizational focus and/or profitability

    GoldCoast Mortgage Services

    There is any question regarding real estate or financing.

    Audit & Assurance Supervisor
    Kutchins, Robbins & Diamond, Ltd.

    Please contact me if you are looking for any accounting and business advisory services from a professional CPA.

    Tucker and Meltzer

    You or your client are in need if business valuation services.

    Business Development Consutant
    Thompson Financial Group

    You need planning that incorporates your business and personal considerations in a way that combines the best of personal services and the newest innovations.

    Antheil Maslow & MacMinn, LLP

    You need a business lawyer to help with developing and implementing a succession plan (including buy-sell agreements), forming new entities, drafting any kind of business contracts.

    Client Advisor
    Brown Advisory

    A family or individual is about to enter a period of transition whether that is starting or selling a business or considering any major life/professional changes.

    Managing Director
    Wells Fargo Advisors

    Over the past 30 years our team has established a reputation as being the "go to" place for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to maximize the transfer of wealth from the sale of a business

    Managing Director / Wealth Director

    There's a $5MM+ liquidity event (past or imminent in the next 1-3 years) for an entrepreneur, family or non-profit org. Also for adult children in a wealthy family who will be inheriting money.

    First Vice President Commercial Banking
    Cambridge Savings Bank

    There is a request for traditional debt financing, should it be fully secured/C&I or cash flow with an amortizing air ball or an ESOP loan.

    Managing Director
    The DAK Group

    You are looking to maximize the value of your business by selling your company, making an acquisition or looking to raise debt or equity.

    Sr Fin Adv
    Arthur Stein Financial

    You want to improve your decision-making, communication, and conflict-resolution with your business partner (or successor or prospective partner)


    A member of the Top 100 accounting firms, and northern New England’s largest, we are a full-service accounting, assurance, and consulting firm, working with clients in the US and around the world.

    Private Risk Management

    You have a need for understanding of the exposures facing the non-financial assets of the financially successful individuals and families.

    Managing Partner
    The Gaffin Group

    In need of robust, strategy-linked organic and inorganic growth opportunities - end to end M&A from search to screen, from structuring to close, to post-merger integration.

    A company is interested in improving performance through strategy management - strategic planning and execution.

    Bee Bergvall & Co

    You are looking to transition your business to the next generation and want them to understand the business finances. Or if you want to make sure the financials represent the best of your business.

    Citrin Cooperman, LLC

    If your client needs to build a more scalable, sustainable business that is easier to manage and measure. We develop and execute operations, technology, and people strategies.

    Krietzberg Wealth Management

    As a corporate financial planner, my firm helps to prepare business owners with a written financial plan that focuses on different types of selling options in advance of a sale


    Wise and experienced counsel is needed, particularly in respect to ongoing business operations, or future acquisitions or sales.

    Business Development Director
    Glenmede Trust Company

    You are looking for a new wealth manager, will be selling a business in the near future or have recently sold a business, need a wealth planner

    Partner - Valuation and Transaction Advisory
    Aprio, LLP

    Aprio is a full-service CPA-led advisory firm. We work with our clients on valuation, tax, and accounting matters throughout their exit planning process to ensure a successful business transition.

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