About Our XPX New England Memberships

XPX New England is a unique, inclusive environment for both owners and advisors to work collaboratively in an active exchange of knowledge where all parties benefit.

Are You a Good Fit for XPX New England?

Membership is subject to approval to ensure that you are a good fit with our community in terms of the focus of your business and your fit with our values. Our membership application requires two references, with at least one of them being an active XPX member from an organization other than the applicant’s organization. 

You’ll be a good fit for our association if you:

  • Work Directly With Owners and/or senior managers of companies in the lower middle market (roughly $5-100 million in revenues).

  • Share the Core XPX Principles (Work collaboratively, Put the client first, Think long term, Consider the human angle, and Always be learning).

  • Are an experienced advisor in one of our 12 member professions (Accountants, Attorneys, Bankers, Coaches, Consultants, Insurance Providers, Investors, M&A Intermediaries, Non-profits, Valuators, Virtual Managers, Wealth Planners).

Choose your plan


Advisors & Business Owners
$ 495
00 Yearly
  • Events


Emerging Professional
$ 195
00 Yearly
  • Events


Group Memberships
$ 985
00 Yearly
  • 3 Members max.

Membership Options


Boston Individual: $495.00/year Advisors and Business Owners Membership

Boston Individual – Emerging Professional: $195.00/ year New or limited experience to the Exit Planning Exchange space Membership.

Boston Corporate: $985.00/year for Corporate Membership (3 members maximum- must join at the same time).

Membership Benefits

Our membership benefits continue to grow as well, giving you an opportunity to be part of a vibrant community that is committed to build valuable businesses and prepare and execute successful transitions. We’re happy to offer the following benefits: 

• Most events are complimentary with your membership

• Special member rates to joint collaboration events

• Bring business owners who are new to XPX NE to our regular monthly events at no cost

• Bring four (4) first time registered guest (prospective members) per calendar year to an event at no cost

• Power of three – a structured networking activity

• Ambassador Program for first time members

• Invitation to join Marketing, Membership, Events, Sponsorship or Finance Committees

• Networking event in August and December 

• Member-only dinner in March

• Profile on the website, that reaches across XPX Global and gives members greater exposure to all 10 chapters

• Administrative Support to post information on the chapter website for each member

• Opportunity to post your events and articles again with greater exposure to XPX Global and social media, a member-driven activity.

• Post your blogs and content on the XPX website and social media

• Access to our video library

• Access to event videos in their full length for members only

•Professional education and development through monthly meetings, special programs, and events.

We make it easy for you to join and attend events in all three regions. We plan our events months in advance so you can include them on your calendar early. Our community is expanding and so is our collective knowledge, and we want you to be part of it in 2019!

Click here to download our membership pamphlet. 

Why Join?

We hope that you will become an active member of our chapter and take advantage of the valuable benefits we offer as an organization:


You’ll learn from great content and programming. “What I know, What I don’t know, What I don’t know that I don’t know. XPX helps me get this right.”


You’ll expand your network with people who are genuine, inviting, and welcome collaboration. “We’re givers, not takers (and givers get more in the long run)”.


You’ll raise your profile by sharing your knowledge in meetings, networking, and contributing to our on-line Owners’ Academy knowledge base. “I know the guy/gal! who can help”.


You’ll find a group of like-minded advisors who share our values of collaboration, client first, long-term thinking, focus on the human factor, and continuous learning. “It’s about the quality of the people in the room.” 

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