XPX DC Metro: Building A Management Team

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Thu, May 6th, 2021 7:30 am


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Building a Management Team
A Key Value Driver to a Sellable Company

When planning an exit, business value is dependent on a handful of key “value drivers” – the ingredients that make the business worth buying. While cash flow, is of course critical, the top “non-financial” ingredient is the Management Team. A stable, capable, motivated management team is the best assurance an acquirer has that the cash flow will continue after the acquisition. Many of us can make a plan to increase sales, build systems, expand our market, but building a team is an art. Caleb Nel is the Founder and President of Organizational Health Solutions – a company devoted to helping organizations boost their performance, growth & overall value. Please join us for an engaging discussion on how to build that team by answering the following:

  1. How do you identify a good manager?
  2. How do you then build a team?
  3. How do you make sure it’s a healthy team that has the ability to run /own the business?
  4. How do you identify a successor?

Please join us!

Our Speaker:

Caleb Nel
Founder & President
Organizational Health Solutions

Organizational Health Solutions is a company devoted to helping organizations boost their performance, growth & overall value. After spending nearly a decade leading in non-profit & for-profit organizations, Caleb knows that to grow an organization does not only entail great strategy, marketing and systems – instead it also entails great people, great leaders, and a great work-culture. Organizations rise and fall because of the people who manage and lead them. Caleb has become an expert in helping businesses develop excellent leadership/management teams and healthy work-cultures where employees embody the most sought after behavioral value: ownership. In addition to his extensive leadership expertise, Caleb is also a certified strengths coach.


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