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2015 XPX Summit: The Progression of Succession


What is it about succession? Why is it so challenging? 

Follow the path of succession with business owners and advisors who chose fundamentally different options. Gather critical insights of what they learned along the way. Compare notes with owners and other advisors. Sample Harpoon beer and network at the end. 

Keynote Speakers:

Harpoon Brewery – Charlie Storey, President & Warren Dibble, Vice President & CFO 

Atrion Networking Corporation – Tim Hebert, President & CEO 

CBIZ, Inc. – Steve Gerard, Chairman & CEO 

Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc. – Bob Gross, Senior Managing Director 

High Rock Partners – Kenneth Marks, Founder and Managing Partner 

Breakouts and lots of networking and learning. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015 

The Conference Center at Waltham Woods, Waltham, MA

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