Kathy Davis: Teamwork is the Goooaaaal!


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Importance of Teamwork 

I don’t believe anyone can disagree when I state that teamwork is an essential element in sports as well as in business. Most of my youth, I was a part of a very successful soccer team. I think back on that team at times when the association between business and sports becomes quite apparent. The connection is especially relevant when I’m focusing on ways to engage employees and lead our organization to becoming a more cohesive unit moving towards a common goal.

 So, why is teamwork so important to the success of a soccer team or any business? Here’s a few encouraging outcomes: 

  • With strong team work, each team member feels more accountable to their peers, heightening their individual motivation. 
  • When the team reaches its’ goal, the sense of achievement is enhanced which again increases the drive to succeed. 
  • Team fostered motivation becomes contagious and enriches the level of work and the sense of achievement of the team. 
  • Innovative ideas flourish in a team environment. Brainstorming and the ability to bounce ideas off one another are powerful ways to develop solutions. 
  • No matter the outcome of scoring goals, or pleasing a customer, a group becomes more reliable and consistent when a strong team culture is in place. 

As an unknown author once wrote, “Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” 

How to Build Teamwork

 So, the importance is apparent, but what are some ways to cultivate teamwork in your group? 


Regardless of whether a team is organized around a new global product offering or a local 10 and under soccer program, one of the most important aspects for success is communication. 

Identifying the team’s common goal and the strategies to reach them ensures a level of understanding across all participants. Coaching or management should make sure that heightened communication is a constant thread through every team activity. 


Teamwork normally requires some humility and understanding of different personalities. Especially when times are tough, learning to cooperate with others and to motivate and build each other up can forward the initiative and subsequently the business in immeasurable ways. 

Any activities where team members can connect and get to know each other outside of normal duties will help in building the camaraderie needed to reach goals. 

Also, diversions from any mundane tasks can help. A scrimmage or happy hour can go a long way in raising the spirits of your hard workers, with the latter obviously not recommended for the 10 and under program. 


Creating an environment that nurtures innovation will keep the team open to feedback and provide opportunities for every team member to voice their opinions and ideas in a non-judgmental way. Keeping the team open to new ideas will enable everyone to enjoy whatever the outcomes may be. 

No matter what sport or type of business, teamwork plays a big part in each team member’s success. Hopefully these items have sparked a few ideas for you on how to enhance the unification of your team. I’d love to hear some of those ideas in the comments section. 

Thanks, Kathy

Originally posted by Kathy Davis on April 13, 2015 at 12:24pm

Updated: May 11th, 2020


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