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XPX is a powerful ecosystem of advisors who are all focused on the success of companies in the lower middle market. As a member, you have an opportunity to contribute to and benefit from this ecosystem.

Here are a three tips for getting the most out of your membership:1.  Attend Chapter meetings to learn and build relationships:

  • Learn from the programming
  • Meet new people
  • Stay in front of people you know
  • Hear about how our members apply the XPX Advisor Principles
  • (Multiply these benefits by attending other Chapter meetings at the member rate!)

2.  Use Member Profiles to find and get found:

  • Find other members through the advanced searching in our directories of all members or just the members of your Chapter.
  • Reach out to other members (if you’re logged in you can click to email them from their profile)
  • Get found by members and website visitors (make sure to log in and optimize your profile so your expertise is clearly detailed)
  • Rest assured that all the members you see share our core principles

3.  Use the Owners’ Academy to learn and raise your visibility:

  • Learn from writings and videos from our members and chapters
  • Reach out to authors through their profiles to learn more
  • Contribute content to raise your own visibility
  • Demonstrate your principles through your writings and content

Questions? Please reach out to us!

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