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XPX Boston Summit: What are you missing?


What are you missing?

Alot if you don’t attend the 2015 XPX Summit: The Progression of Succession on March 19, 2015.

Keynote Speakers

Harpoon Brewery – Charlie Storey, President & Warren Dibble, Vice President & CFO

View a video with Bob, Charlie and Warren talking about ESOP

Atrion Networking Corporation – Tim Hebert, President & CEO

CBIZ, Inc. – Steve Gerard, Chairman & CEO

Prairie Capital Advisors, Inc. – Bob Gross, Senior Managing Director

High Rock Partners – Kenneth Marks, Founder and Managing Partner

Two Breakout Sessions

Exit Strategies and Options You Should Consider

Successful owners start planning the exit when they start their businesses. They manage the company so that it will be an attractive asset and “someone else” will want to buy it (or their family can continue to run it). Their day to day decisions reflect a long term goal of building a transferrable enterprise that can run without them.


Sean Kavanagh, CEO, Ariel Group

Sharon Kan, CEO, Founder & Mentor

Peter Alcock, Former Owner and President, Beckwood Services, Inc.

Moderator: Linda Moulton, CEO, Lahey International Health

Growth and Operational Efficiency

Growth is limited if a company can’t operate efficiently and achieve economies of scale. The road to growth and profitability, however, comes in many forms.The three panelists will share their different approaches to growth and the logic behind the choice they made.


Andy LaVallee, Founder, LaVallee Bakery Distribution

Bret Watson, CEO, Jotul North America

Arthur Barrett, President, Barrett Distribution Centers

Moderator: Veda Ferlazzo Clark, Principal, Zedare Consulting

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