Meeting Summary


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Thank you for all you’ve done in the past two months. Our data show that we’ve made a quick, successful pivot. 

If you missed the meeting, here are the slides and here’s the video. It’s especially worthwhile to listen to the descriptions of all the different programming the different Chapters have been hosting (starts in first 10-15 minutes).

A few quick takeaways:

  1. So far, we are holding our own in terms of event attendance, new members and member retention
  2. Most Chapters are planning for the rest of 2020 to be virtual
  3. As we work on events, we want to make sure we have a balance of audience interaction and great content. Sometimes, this means alternative types of events such as webinars and Zoom meetings/breakouts.
  4. You may want to consider charging non-members for certain programming.
  5. New initiatives we are developing to maximize virtual value (beyond events and power networking) includes:
    • Member/sponsor badges
    • LinkedIn Ambassador program
    • Sponsorship videos
    • Volunteer programs

Here’s a full list of possible volunteer jobs.  New positions that we’d ask you to fill asap include:

  • LinkedIn Ambassador
  • Power Networking Chair (if you don’t already have one)

I’ll set up 30-minute meetings with key committees in the coming weeks. Thanks again for your support.

Mary and Angie

Updated: August 16th, 2020