Presidents Meeting


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Great meeting – thanks to all who participated!

We hadn’t met in awhile so it was great to get an update from all the Chapters. We were rushed at the end.  Please let me know if you have suggestions on format or content of future meetings. I’ll schedule another meeting for mid-January 2020.

Here are the slides. There are a number of issues from the meeting that clearly need more discussion including:

  1. Emerging Professionals – I’ll organize a separate meeting for this. Let me know who should attend from your Chapter
  2. Diversity – I shared info on gender diversity but it’s clear that we need to go deeper and broader in this discussion. I’ll add this to our agenda for a future discussion and will allow more time for it.
  3. Summit – Here is the page with the New England videos and here is the pdf of the San Antonio program/Business Journal insert
  4. Other Topics – Also for future discussion but let me know your thoughts in the meantime on:
  • Principles banner (if you want one, let me know and we’ll have it made)
  • Regular national survey of members – capture market trends, collaboration levels, influence in the heart of the middle market.
  • Discounts for our members 
  • Educational materials
  • National activities/networking for interested members

Here’s the video of the meeting. Be sure to check out the Chapter news in the first half of the meeting. Lots of great activity across the network!

Updated: August 16th, 2020