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When you are working to launch a new Chapter, all the pages in the Leadership Collaborative can be helpful. However, this page provides focused resources and options for the startup phase.

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This is a shared resource for all XPX Chapters. We try to include helpful resources and information. If there is content that would be helpful to your Chapter or you have any recommended resources, please let us know!

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Chapter Documents

Membership Committee Tasks/Ambassadors

This document is geared towards Leaders in order to help delegate tasks or assign ambassadors to ensure the growth and sustainability of your chapter.

Member Profession Demographics

The diversity of the XPX membership is its greatest strength. It gives you a big pool of professionals and specialties to attract to your community.

Membership stats 2017-09

Our messaging document aims to arm you with the core messaging of our organization.

Member Tenure stats 2017-10

Learn more about member tenure from data collected over a range of time in order to help you set up your chapter.

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5 Factors that IDrive Referrals

This was a joint research project between XPX and Hinge Marketing, findings are a great fit with XPX networking and thought leadership opportunities through Chapter activities and the Owner's Academy.

5 Must-Have Strategies for Membership Growth

A good fit with XPX culture of inclusion also addresses Millenials.

Leading Member Engagement from the Outside In

Take a look at membership from the member's perspective.

8 Step Formula for Keeping Members Forever

The stages of membership attraction and retention.

Member Loyalty Report

A collection of interesting data on member benefits.

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Membership Meeting Notes