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Test 16

XPX is a powerful ecosystem of advisors who are all focused on the success of

Testing 14

Testing 14 multi-file upload to post Last-Name_First-Name_26978604_Testing-14 Last-Name_First-Name_26978604_Testing-141

Testing 13

Testing multi-file upload

Testing 12

Media File Upload with multi-file upload to create links/buttons to download and or view uploads

Upload Attachment 10

upload attachment version 1o Notes: changed the path URL to site_url from a hardcoded url

Upload Attachment 9

Upload attachment version 9 Notes: changed upload rename file template: {Name (Last):10.6}_{Name (First):10.3}_{Wild Apricot Contact

Upload Attachment 8

Upload attachment version 8 Notes: upload path – working. Now changing rename file on upload.

Upload Attachment 7

Upload Attachment version 7 Notes: php code path changed to /home4/

Upload Attachment 7

Upload Attachment version 7 Notes: resource folder permissions set to 777. knowledge-exchange set to 777

Upload Attachment 6

Upload attachment 6 version 6 Notes: folder path permissions changed from 755 to 777 FAILED%20(Temporary%20file%20could%20not%20be%20moved.)

Upload Attachment 4

Upload Attachment test version 4 notes: With new directory path FAILED%20(Temporary%20file%20could%20not%20be%20moved.)